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This venom is hauled out from the scorpion via electric motivation and every single of these organisms can present 0.02 millilitres of venom (equivalent to two or three drops.)

The use of this harmless product (taken by mouth) does not disregard other traditional processes of oncological treatment. On the contrary, when this venom is used concurrently with the traditional oncological treatment, it provides a cooperating effect with their anti- malignant action. Moreover, Vidatox hinders the disagreeable symptoms produced as a result of subjecting the cancer patients to  anti-malignant medicines and ionizing rays

Bom3, Bom4, Boma6a, Boma6b, Boma6c, Boma6d, Boma6e, BomPI (Nav channels inhibitors) are extracted from the venom of Buthus occitanus. Packaging : lyophilized venom sold in vacuum sealed glass vials of 100 mg, 500 mg and 1 g. Price is per Gram The is a 25% DISCOUNT from all orders above the minimum quantity of 2gm Minimum Order Quantity is 2 Gram N.B Certificate of origin available on request at $50.00 per certificate. Liquid forms also available

Buthus occitanus is 60–80 mm in length, has a yellow or yellow-brown color and is venomous producing BotIT6 toxin, but its toxicity varies markedly across its range. Buy Buthus occitanus is often found in dry and hot areas with sparse vegetation, where it hides under stones etc. during daytime. It has also been reported from Mediterranean forests in Spain at altitudes above 1000 meters (with snowfall in the winter). Buy Buthus occitanus The sting in Europe is painful but with only mild toxic effects, although the specimens from the Tabernas Desert in Almería have harsher effects, but not fatal. However, in Africa it can be fatal.

scorpion venom uses are predatory arachnids of the order Scorpiones. They have eight legs and are easily recognized by the pair of grasping pedipalps and the narrow, segmented tail, often carried in a characteristic forward curve over the back, ending with a venomous stinger. Scorpions range in size from 9 mm / 0.3 in. (Typhlochactas mitchelli) to 23 cm / 9 in. (Heterometrus swammerdami).

The evolutionary history of scorpion venom uses goes back to the Silurian period 430 million years ago. They have adapted to a wide range of environmental conditions, and they can now be found on all continents except Antarctica. Scorpions number about 1,750 described species, with 13 extant (living) families recognised to date. The taxonomy has undergone changes and is likely to change further, as genetic studies are bringing forth new information.


Scorpion Venom Function:

1. Neurogrowth hormone

It has broad application prospects in nerve molecules, molecular immunity, molecular evolution, protein structure and function.


2. Thrombolytic factor

It has the effect of preventing thrombosis and dissolution of thrombus, and it has certain therapeutic effect on coronary heart disease and myocardial infarction caused by various embolism.


3. Vascular Polypeptide

This can effectively soften the blood vessels and remove the inner wall of the blood vessels and fixtures. Effective prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease, heart failure, myocardial infarction, arteriosclerosis, senile dementia.


4. Anticancer Polypeptide

Anticancer peptides can effectively kill cancer cells.

The Active Ingredient


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